Our Nutrition Coaching Plan has taught you what   you should be eating for a healthier you BUT, you   don’t have time to cook or you simply don’t want   to. Let’s face it, it takes time to shop for the   ingredients, plan healthy meals and then actually   prepare them. When you sign up for our Vegan   Meal Plan, we take all the stress out of your meal   planning.


 Each month you will receive 3 plant-based meals   per day, breakfast, lunch and dinner, customized   just for you. Trying to lose weight? Build muscle?   Each monthly meal plan comes with a nutritional   assessment for your body’s needs.

 Imagine not having to wonder what’s for dinner or   if you’re cooking the right foods. Are you getting   enough protein, eating too many carbs? All of the   guesswork is gone with our meal plan. And the   best part? You don’t have to cook!


 Our meals consist of fresh and frozen foods, pre-   measured and cooked weekly for your   convenience. Each Sunday you will pick up your   meals for the week.


 For an additional cost of only $1,000 per month,   we will purchase all of the food and prepare 90   meals customized for your body’s needs. That’s   about $11 per meal, just a little more than a   burger and fries but definitely more nutritious!

 Just look at those meals below. Don't they look

 delicious! And they can be yours when you sign   up for our Vegan Meal Plan.

 (Vegan Meal Plan is only available when you sign   up for Package 3)

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